Contact Us

For any questions or queries please contact us using the following email address:,

Our head offices and hot spots are open from 10 am to 8 pm. If you are having connection problems or require any sort of assistance, please contact your nearest hotspot. Contact details of all our offices have been provided below.

Intrepid International

Baridhara D.O.H.S Office:
406/B Anannya Shopping Complex,
3rd Floor, Baridhara D.O.H.S

Phone: 8411845
Cell: 01872634200, 01610125544

United Communication & Services (UCS)

Banani Office:
House 83, Road #06, Ground Floor,
Block C, Banani

Phone: 9899111, 9898857
Cell: 01883005548, 01883005564
Gulshan Office:
Plot #10, Taher Tower (2nd Floor)
Shop #209, Gulshan 02

Cell: 01883005567
Mirpur Office:
House #463-465
Flat #D/2, Mirpur D.O.H.S

Cell: 01678674020

Uttara Cable Network (UCN)

Uttara Office (Sector 3 Head Office):
House #25 (Ground Floor), Road #2, Sector #3, Uttara

Phone: 7914681, 8912827
Cell: 01613338811, 01613338822
Uttara Office (Sector 5):
House #1 (Ground floor), Road #1A, Sector #5, Uttara

Cell: 01613338855
Uttara Office (Sector 11):
House #6 (Ground Floor),
Road #16, Sector #11, Uttara

Cell: 01613338844