Internet Services

We offer high speed broadband internet services capable of providing speeds like no other. With fibre optic backbone, we guarantee maximum uptime and an above-average internet browsing experience. Do more in less time.

Stream videos on the fly, download games, music, software and movies, play multiplayer games online - the possibilies are limitless with our high speed connections.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a package and enjoy the difference with us.

Cable @ 300!

For Home & Personal Users (Vat Included)

Policy Name Download Speed (Shared Bandwidth) Time Validity Rate
Unlimited 1 512-512 kbps Unlimited 1 month Tk. 500
Unlimited 2 800-800 kbps Unlimited 1 month Tk. 600
Unlimited 3 1MB-1MB kbps Unlimited 1 month Tk. 800
Unlimited 4 1.5MB-1.5MB Unlimited 1 month Tk. 1000
Unlimited 5 2MB-2MB Unlimited 1 month Tk. 1200
Unlimited 6 3MB-3MB Unlimited 1 month Tk. 1500
Unlimited 7 4MB-4MB Unlimited 1 month Tk. 2000
Unlimited 8 6MB-6MB Unlimited 1 month Tk. 3000

For Corporate Users

Bandwidth Category Validity Rate Real IP
2 Mbps Full Duplex 1 month Tk. 2,500/= Yes
4 Mbps Full Duplex 1 month Tk. 5,000/= Yes
10 Mbps Full Duplex 1 month Tk. 10,000/= Yes